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Choosing Monaco Legend Properties,
is to choose 25 years of know-how,
and results.

Our agency, located in the Principality of Monaco, offers you a range of tailor-made services to accompany you throughout your real estate project.

From the purchase of an exclusive property to its renovation and resale, our entire team will guide you in your choices.

With more than 25 years of experience in the Monegasque real estate market, the Monaco Legend Properties sales team benefits from a unique know-how and numerous connections with local players.

The group

Monaco Legend Group is full of talent.

The Monaco Legend Auctions house has many potential buyers among its clients, which creates synergies with the real estate agency.

Batilux SAM, creator of original real estate projects, has ensured the construction of the Diana Pavilion, to be completed in 2021, and the Maurice Pavilion, to be delivered in 2024.

This branch of the group allows Monaco Legend Properties to offer exclusive properties for sale and rent.
Batilux also takes care of the renovation of the properties entrusted to it. SAM Batilux specialises in luxurious finishes and noble materials and offers high quality services.

Investing in the Principality of Monaco

A beautiful location on the sea, with the backdrop of stunning mountains, Monaco is quite literally the perfect place for investors to build property portfolios. One man who strongly believes in it is Claude Cohen, CEO of Monaco Legend Properties. Says Cohen, "We are very fortunate to have an almost magical combination of factors that makes Monaco the best place to be." In fact Claude Cohen has invested all his effort and time; he has interests in every facet of the Monaco property market, with over 25 years' experience of buying, developing, renting and selling properties. Alongside his son Mikhael Cohen and wife Marion, the Cohen family is a well-respected property investor and advice agency in the Principality.

The Cohen family decided to develop the real estate agency in Monaco, to complement and complete the service, with the know-how acquired in the development activity through the established construction company, Batilux SAM. Explains Cohen: "Monaco Legend Properties offers the complete, wrap-around service to potential and existing investors. Monaco is a very safe place, probably the safest place in Europe. We have beautiful weather, a fantastic coastal location at the foot of the mountains and accessing the Principality is easy by road, rial or air-travel. In the past few years, we have also had an influx of outstanding restaurants and other leisure activities. Monaco has it all!"

As well as practical and feel-good attributes, there are also some very business-savvy reasons to invest, to buy, to rent and develop business in Monaco. "There is no inheritance tax and no capital gain tax, which makes it very appealing proposition to high-net-worth investors. The market is never flooded with offers either, as people tend not to sell once they acquire property here. That is why the properties hold such a premium and why they are a solid gold investment," explains Cohen.

The world is facing challenging and uncertain times, as governments and financial institutions struggle to cope with the pressure of volatile markets, fluctuating currencies and the impact of world events. Monaco has always been sheltered from such variability. "Monaco is the only state in the world without public debt or structural budget deficit. The value of real estate and its strong financial appreciation is always linked to its own government's stability and financial health. That's why we would, without hesitation, advise people to invest here in the Principality of Monaco."

The simplification of administrative systems in recent years has also made investing more appealing for investors and residents. There is also a welcome plan, that has contributed and will continue to contribute to those who choose to settle and live in Monaco.

The Cohen family's real estate agency, Monaco Legend Properties, believes in advising its clients on investing in Monaco in the most suitable and convenient way. Each case is unique and they offer a bespoke service to meet the needs of the clients. Mikhael Cohen, Claude's son, sums it up perfectly: "I grew up by my father's side, observing him, absorbing his work and understanding his beliefs. I now strongly share his workhic and I am excited to be a big part of this company and offer the most professional and transparent advice to our clients. Investing in Monaco - we believe in it, and we actually do it!"

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